Leeza SOHO

Architect ZHA

Architectural description It's a 200 meters high office Tower.The building facade dominated by the scales of unitized curtain wall, ice fissure - like atrium space on the outside wall of the formation of a mobile landscape, have a strong sense of landmarks. Nearly 200 meter high atrium space rich in change throughout the building, forming a circle strong rises to the sky.

Facade type Unitized curtain wall, steel ball molding frame system,fire proofing glass curtain wall,Arc shell patched atrium glass wall system, curve metal cladding system

Scope of consultancy SD, DD, TD, CD reviewing, site and factory inspection

Completion time Nov. 2019


建筑师 扎哈·哈迪德建筑事务所

建筑概况 200米高的办公塔楼,建筑外立面以鱼鳞式单元体幕墙为主,冰原裂隙般的中庭空间在外幕墙上形成了一道流动的景观,产生强烈的地标感。近200米高的中庭空间变化丰富贯穿整个楼体,形成了一种盘旋上升至天空的强烈震撼空间体验。

立面类型 单元式玻璃幕墙,钢球铰钢架成型系统,防火玻璃幕墙,拱网壳夹板式中庭玻璃幕墙,曲面金属挂板

顾问范围 方案设计,深化设计,招标,施工图审查,工厂和现场巡视

完成时间 2019年11月